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Molly Zamoiski’s passion for family law began at an early age, and she has explored this interest in a variety of social and academic settings. At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Molly double majored in Family Studies and Legal Studies, which was the framework of what is now a successful career as a matrimonial and family law attorney.


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For the most part, people envision a lawyer either arguing a case in front of a jury or working in a big corporate office pushing paper. I consider myself lucky that I am not that type of lawyer, but rather, I am the type of lawyer who gets to interact with my clients on an everyday basis and help them through what is arguably the worst time in their lives. I am not just a lawyer, I am also a counselor helping real people, my clients, resolve major issues relating to every aspect of their lives. Knowing that what I am doing is going to have a serious and significant impact on my client’s future is what motivates me to work so hard day in and day out. Because of this, I am never “off duty” and no matter where I am or what time of day it is, I pride myself in the fact that my clients know they can always get in touch with me.

While I have extensive experience in every aspect of family and matrimonial law, for me, as a mother of a young daughter, the most rewarding part of my job is helping clients through contentious custody battles. Custody cases are about more than just presenting the facts to a judge, but they involve strategically training my clients in how to interact with their child and their soon-to-be ex, in order to ultimately win their custody case. I consider this to be one of my specialties.

One of my most rewarding moments as a matrimonial attorney was when I was retained by a mother who had recently lost custody of her son. The mother hired me to take an appeal of the Family Court’s decision and order which awarded the father sole custody. I spent countless hours meticulously reviewing the records from the trial court. The more I studied the file, the more I knew that I wanted to win the appeal not only because my client hired me to win, but because she deserved to have custody of her son.

It may have been the most exhilarating moment in my career when I was able to call my client and tell her that we won the appeal and that she was awarded sole legal custody of her son.

What is unique about the way that I approach divorces is that I don’t leave my cases at the door. Some of my best ideas, strategies, and themes come to me after hours, and for that reason, I keep running notes for each of my cases on my nightstand overnight.

While I love nothing more than giving clients the good news, it is inevitable that judges make mistakes, and there are times that I also have to bring my clients the bad news. I don’t leave that at the door either, and it is my job to work closely with my client in trying to reverse that judge’s error.

The point is, that whether it’s celebrating the good results or rectifying the bad, my passion for helping my clients is something that comes through in everything I do and I consider myself lucky to have found a career that I love.

Practice Areas

  • Matrimonial and Family Law


  • Brooklyn Law School (J.D., 2013)

  • University of Wisconsin – Madison (B.S. 2010)


  • 2014, New York

  • 2013, New Jersey


  • Brooklyn Bar Association (BBA)

  • New York State Bar Association (NYSTBA)

Reported Cases

  • Matter of Lintao v. Delgado, 168 A.D.3d 739, 91 N.Y.S.3d 204 (2019)

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